Vi søger en produktspecialist til Mycometer A/S

Vi søger en produktspecialist indenfor hurtigmetoder til måling af skimmelsvampe og bakterier i bygninger. Vi søger en person, der har erfaring med bygningsrenovering forårsaget af fugt og skimmel, og som har lyst til at udnytte sin viden i nye sammenhænge.

Rapid and Accurate Quantification of Fungi or Bacteria

The applications of the technology is very versatile and can be used to measure fungi and/or bacteria in almost all environments. In the built environment, it is used to determine the level of fungi and bacteria on surfaces of……

Mycometer is excited to introduce: “The Fungal to Allergen Index (FAI)”

FAI is an innovative assessment concept based on air sampling that can provide information on:

• Presence of a fungal source
• Potential exposure to fungi
• Potential exposure to total allergens
• Room cleanliness

Rethink Microbial Remediation Testing

Tired of getting results that deliver no clear interpretation and are difficult to communicate?

Get results

  • in less than an hour
  • with clear interpretation criteria
  • without subjective evaluations by individual technicians
  • using a US-EPA verified technology
  • that have proven useful for more than 20 years in more than hundred thousand mould remediation cases

Mycometer Products

  • As fast as possible without compromising reliability
  • Standardized protocols for sampling and analysis
  • Reduced sample handling, sufficient sample size and a robust assay chemistry
  • Adjusting sensitivity depending on the application

Applications of the Mycometer tool in the IAQ industry

Verified and Accepted Technology

Mycometers patented technology has been tested and verified by US-EPA (2011). Among other things the reproducibility of the tests and the linearity between microbial level and ……