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Mycometer is the technology leader of rapid microbiology, onsite technology based on highly sensitive of Enzyme Targeted Fluorogenic Detection, a technology allowing specific rapid and reproducible quantification of fungi or of bacteria on surfaces, in air, in liquids or in bulk materials in the environment.

1998: Founded

Mycometer was founded in 1998, by Dr. Morten Reeslev and Dr. Morten Miller as a spin-off from a research group at the University of Copenhagen.

1999: First Product

Our first product, the Mycometer®-test, for measuring the level of fungal biomass on surfaces, was presented to the market in 1999.

2007: New Products

The Bactiquant®-water test for quantifying bacteria in water and other liquids and the Bactiquant® surface (now Mycometer® surface Bacteria) for quantifying bacteria on surfaces, was presented to the market in 2007.

2007: US Office

A subsidiary, Mycometer, Inc., was opened in Tampa, Florida USA in 2007.

2009: New Product

The Mycometer air test for assessment of the fungal level in air samples (spores, hyphal fragments and micro fragments) was launched in 2009.

2020: Two Companies

In 2020, the former Mycometer A/S was divided into two separate companies Bactiquant A/S focusing on quantifying bacteria in water, and Mycometer A/S focusing on quantifying fungi and bacteria in the indoor environment, in food and in many other environments.  

2021: New and Second Generation Products

New innovations have led to an improved technology with higher specificity and some new applications and a new dimension on the data interpretation, such as the Fungal to Allergen Index. The packaging has become more sustainable, environmentally friendly.

Mycometer® surface Fungi – A new and improved version of the former Mycometer® test

Mycometer® air Fungi – A new and improved version of the former Mycometer® air

Mycometer® air Allergen – A new product quantifying the total allergen level in air

Mycometer® FAI  – A new product. The Fungal to Allergen Index or FAI is a tool to help identify and locate fungal sources in the environment.   By looking at the ratio of fungi to allergen in air samples, sources of fungi can be identified even in clean environments.  This concept puts a whole new dimension on data interpretation!  

Mycometer® surface Bacteria – A new version of the former Bactiquant® surface.