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Founded 1998

Mycometer was founded in 1998, by Dr. Morten Reeslev and Dr. Morten Miller as a spin-off from a research group at the University of Copenhagen. Today, Mycometer is a technology leader within enzyme targeted rapid methods for quantification of mould and bacteria in the indoor environment and liquid samples.

First Product

Our first product, the Mycometer®-test, for measuring the level of fungal biomass on surfaces, was presented to the market in 1999.

The Bactiquant®-water test

The Bactiquant®-water test for quantifying bacteria in water and other liquids was presented to the market in 2007.

Two new products

Two new products were launched in 2009; Bactiquant®-surface which is a method for quantifying bacteria on surfaces after flooding’s and Mycometer®-air which is a new method for measuring the level of mould in air samples (spores, hyphal fragments and micro fragments).

US office

A subsidiary, Mycometer, Inc., was opened in Tampa, USA in 2009

Singapore Office

In 2015, Mycometer is successfully bringing its technology to Singapore and the rest of Asia through its new sales office in Singapore