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Rapid and Accurate Quantification of Fungi or Bacteria

Rapid and Accurate Quantification of Fungi or Bacteria

Testing the Indoor Environment

Verified and Accepted Technology

The Fungal to Allergen Index – FAI

The new tool for investigating fungal problems in Buildings.

The Equipment

Rapid Results – Clear Interpretation – Easy to Communicate

Get results:

  • in less than an hour
  • with clear interpretation criteria
  • without subjective evaluations by individual technicians
  • using a US-EPA verified technology
  • has proven useful for more than 20 years in hundreds of thousands of mold remediation’s

Air Sampling Equipment

Mycometer Products

  • Rapid
    As fast as possible without compromising reliability
  • Reproducible
    Standardized protocols for sampling and analysis
  • Robust
    Reduced sample handling, sufficient sample size and a robust assay chemistry
  • Relevant
    Adjusting sensitivity depending on the application